Among Us but we ROLEPLAY characters..

I played a crazy person then realized its just me on caffeine... Subscribe here ► /Sub2Rae Twitter ► /valkyrae Instagram ► /valkyrae Reddit ► /r/valkyrae/ check out my friends in this video! Corpse (Crops) Fuslie (Yeehaw) Ryan Higa (Regina) Disguised Toast (Sherlock / Yoda) Sykkuno (Wattskuno / Squidward) Pokimane (French Celine) LilyPichu (Paimon) Masayoshi (Jonathon) AriaSaki (Grandma) KristopherYee (Tina) Edited by ➡ /kinamp4 Thumb By ➡ /roboeye5

Tags Valkyrae


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