Fury Unleashed - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Fury Unleashed is an action platformer where you shoot your way through the pages of an ever-changing comic book. Take advantage of unique combo system to unleash your fury and become a whirling tornado of destruction. Discover why your creator doubted in you and prove him wrong. Your guns are your best friends, and ink is the your most valuable resource – collect it from defeated enemies to upgrade your hero. The more dynamic and brave your play style, the greater the rewards! But remember to stay focused at all times, or you will die sooner than you think. FURY UNLEASHED MAIN FEATURES ● Comic book setting – dive into the comic book reality with Metal Slug inspired visuals. ● Intriguing storyline about the creator of Fury Unleashed series and his creativity crisis. ● Action platforming with 360° shooting – jump, dash, shoot, slash and blow things up! ● Procedurally generated levels – you will never know what waits for you around the corner. ● Permadeath with character progression – you will keep the collected ink even if you die. ● Two game difficulties - Hard for gamers who enjoy challenge and Easy for those, who prefer to explore the game at their own terms. ● Three unique comic book stories to play through: - Face the Evil God in Awakening of the Ancient Gods! - Defeat the Nazis in Operation Crimson Dusk! - Defend the Earth from alien invasion in Earth’s Last Stand! ● Lots of game-changing items and weapons – wreak havoc on your enemies with shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers and more. ● Secret rooms to discover adding yet another layer to your comic book multiverse. ● Captivating soundtrack composed by Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz, the creators of tracks for The Witcher or Shadow Warrior 2.

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    Persona 5 Royal - Gamescom 2019 Season Reveal Trailer | PS4

    Persona 5 Royal heads to the West in Spring 2020! Reunite with the Phantom Thieves and meet their newest member, Kasumi Yoshizawa, when Persona 5 Royal launches in the West in Spring 2020! https://atlus.com/p5r/ May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit http://www.esrb.org for rating information.

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    YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. - Gameplay Trailer | P...

    YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. launches on October 1, 2019 for PlayStation 4! Tread across parallel worlds to unravel a hidden mystery in this famous adventure game! PlayStation 4 Day 1 Edition includes a mini cloth poster featuring Eriko Takeda, the mysterious school nurse at Sakaimachi Academy. Visit the official site for more information: http://spike-chunsoft.com/YU-NO/ Rated Mature: Blood, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Violence

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    RAD - Official Launch Trailer | PS4

    Rise and be remade to win! You are the chosen one, now it’s time to begin. Who among you will make this sacrifice? RAD comes to PlayStation 4 August 20th. Pre-Order your copy today: https://bandainam.co/RAD

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    Rainbow Six Siege - Twitch Prime Collection: New on the Six | PS4

    Secure a collection of all-new charms and uniforms Rainbow Six Siege with Twitch Prime! Dropping August – November for Twitch Prime members. Visit [URL] for details https://rainbow6.ubisoft.com/siege/en-us/news/152-354033-16/twitch-prime-collection-packs-august-15th-2019 Rated Mature: Blood, Drug Reference, Strong Language, Violence

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    FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships New York Trailer | PS4

    https://www.gran-turismo.com/us/live/ Attend LIVE or Stream the FIA Gran Turismo Championships at the PlayStation Theater 8/24 and 8/25 The third battle ground for the World Tour live event of the 2019 FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships is set to take place at the PlayStation Theater in New York City next weekend, August 24th and 25th.

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    The Surge 2 - Preview Accolades Trailer | PS4

    The press has spoken - get excited for The Surge 2 The Surge 2 brings hardcore combat back to a nano-infested dystopian future on PlayStation 4, September 24. Over the past month, press and influencers have delved into the depths of Jericho City, slicing and dicing their enemies and their preference is clear - players have every reason to be excited. Today’s gorgeous Preview Accolades Trailer teases some story and shows off just how exciting it has been to go hands-on early. The Surge 2 will deliver brutal combat in the winding streets of Jericho City on September 24. Waking with no memory of the plane crash that left you stranded here, you’ll have to survive rampaging machines, fanatical cultists, and much worse as you explore and discover the truth. Utilising the reknown limb-targeting system combined with upgraded combat design, a new, bigger world and many more surprises, The Surge 2 will impress new players and fans of the series alike. Pre-orders are now available on PlayStation 4. All pre-orders come with the URBN Gear Pack free, which includes a new armor set, two new weapons, and other cosmetics and equipment. The Surge 2 is also available for play by the public at Gamescom, as part of the Koch Media/Deep Silver booth in Hall 9. The Surge 2 launches September 24 on PlayStation 4. Pre-orders are available now Rated Mature: Blood and Gore Drug Reference Intense Violence Strong Language

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    Witching Tower VR - Official Trailer | PS VR

    The Witching Tower is a VR action-adventure set in an original dark fantasy universe. You will take the role of Anna, a prisoner in the tower, as she discovers she has a talent for controlling the dead. Fight and puzzle your way through the foreboding fortress tower, unraveling each level’s mysteries. The Witching Tower VR is an unparalleled experience with breathtaking visuals and environments.

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    Fortnite - Neo Versa PS4 Bundle

    https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/ps4/systems/fortnite-neo-versa-playstation-4-bundle/ Introducing the Fortnite New Versa PlayStation®4 bundle. PlayStation and the PS family logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Greatness Awaits is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment LLC. All trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.

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    Demon Pit - Announce Trailer | PS4

    Arise Demon Hunter. It is time. The years you spent slaughtering demon-kind in the mortal world did little to cleanse your soul. Your sins have been laid bare and you have been judged. You are damned for eternity. The pit awaits! Inspired by the fast-paced FPS games of the 1990s, Demon Pit is an intense arcade-style arena shooter. Armed with a series of ranged weapons and a soul grapple, you must fight and out maneuver endless waves of demons in a constantly changing environment. How long can you survive before they rip your flesh and claim your soul? • Battle 10 types of hideous hell spawn • Repel the demon horde with 7 varied weapons • Use your soul grapple to traverse the arena quickly and avoid the oncoming legion • Master movement to survive the changing environment and its hazards • Constantly kill to keep your multiplier alive and compete for leaderboard immortality


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