Which Outriders Class Is Right For You

Each of Outriders four classes require to play the game in some fundamentally different ways, so we break them all down to help you pick.

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    MLB The Show 21 | PS4 Pro Vs PS5 Graphics and Loading Comparison

    See the "difference" between the PS4 Pro and PS5 versions of MLB The Show 21. We take a look at some side by side comparison of gameplay and also compare the load times between the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation 5. MLB The Show 21 came out 4/20/21 on PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One X.

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    Call of Duty: Cold War Season 3 Hunt for Adler Cinematic

    Cold War Season 3 new operators Wraith and Knight nuke Mt. Yamantau continuing with their mysterious plan to do more than just brainwash Adler using the numbers program. The trailer ends with Stitch entering Verdansk. #CallofDuty #COD #Warzone

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    Call Of Duty’s New Warzone Map: Everything You Should Know

    Call Of Duty Warzone is finally nuking the old Modern Warfare map and replacing it with a 1980s Cold War-themed Verdansk. Here are all the changes coming, including new and redone locations, new weapons, and how the limited-time event will play out with zombies, Plague Zones, and more than one nuclear weapon. Call Of Duty: Warzone has had the same map for over a year now, and Operation Rapid Sunder is changing that, starting with a four-part event that ends with Modern Warfare’s battle royale map being nuked forever and replaced with Verdansk 84. This nuke event has been teased for a number of seasons, with players finding bunkers and nuclear weapons on the map followed by a zombie invasion.  The four parts of the current event are Escalation Protocol, where zombies travel across the map, eventually leaving corruption zones in their wake. Phase two is the Destruction Of Verdsansk, where players race against a countdown clock while the Corruption Zones expand in a last-ditch effort to save Verdansk, which does not go well. Phase three sees players taken to Rebirth Island on a night map and tasked with unraveling the mystery of what just happened on Verdansk and will end with yet another nuke being launched. The final and fourth phase will transport players back in time to Verdansk in the 1980s. The new Warzone map will have a number of environmental and location changes. The map is based on locations from Black Ops Cold War and has seven new locations and five revamped areas. The spring environment is greener with thicker forests. Urban areas sport 80’s colors and less dense cities. In a final but sad note, the Modern Warfare battle-royale map is gone forever, thanks for the memories.

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    CoD Warzone Getting A New Map Today?

    Call Of Duty nuked the Verdansk Warzone map and a trailer has shown off what looks like the new one. Let's find out if we get to drop on the next battle-royale arena today as we progress through the next part of this two day event.

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    Apex Legends – Legacy Launch Trailer

    Check out the all new Apex Legends Legacy launch trailer featuring the all new character Valkyrie as well as a surprise appearance from Ash. #ApexLegends #ApexLegendsLegacy

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    Nier Replicant ver.1.2474487139 Review

    Though antiquated in some respects, Nier Replicant will tear your heart out with its timeless story, endearing and tragic characters, and beautiful soundtrack. Michael cherishes Nier: Automata as one of his all-time favorites, and recently played the original Nier and found something just as special. Nier Replicant recaptures that magic, and he'll never forget what Emil, Weiss, and Kaine mean to him. He spent 40 hours with the PS4 version of Nier Replicant (playing on PS5) and saw all of its endings, including the brand-new Ending E. A review code was provided by Square Enix.


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